Yo, Bladers!

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Yo, Bladers!

Post by BeyGarland on Tue Aug 16, 2016 8:17 pm

Hi, you all can call me BeyGarland.

I knew Beyblade when I was a kid, since I live in Brazil, Bakuten Shoot Beyblade aired in TVs over here in 2003 or so, and I started following the series as it was repeating endlessly every three or four months. Anyway, I got really curious about how those spinning tops would be in real life, but my parents weren't that rich to get me some. Everything over here is expensive as hell, by the way. Then I just watched the anime and played with some fake random ones. After G-Revolution ended, I left Beyblade and followed my own path in gaming and other hobbies.

After some years, many years I might say, I was a bit depressed and had nothing to do with my life, and YouTube showed me a related video a out Beyblade. At that moment I thought, "is Beyblade still a thing?"

Then I realized I missed an entire generation, I didn't watch any of the Metal Fight series while they were on TV and had to watch it on the internet to see what I missed. I got pretty hyped and I was working, so I had the money to get some of those. And so I did. After playing a bit I thought I'd love to have a Beyblade collection and a YouTube channel for it, and that's how Beyblade Galaxy was born!

After a while I read some news about a new Beyblade generation, and it would something crazy different from the previous ones, Beyblade Burst was coming!

So here I am, blading daily in my YouTube channel, chating with friends, and willing to meet more people that loves Beyblade! Very Happy

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