Beyblade Burst app discussion

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Beyblade Burst app discussion

Post by BeyGarland on Tue Aug 30, 2016 1:11 pm

This thread is exclusively to discuss about the Beyblade Burst app that we now have access in both Android and iOS.

The app isn't that bad, tbh. Some people didn't like it much, maybe because the gameplay can be repetitive, but I honestly think it's a great app and, no doubt, it's way better than the Takara Tomy one. here we have an actual game, where we can level up the parts we have. We can also scan the QR codes in the Burst Products boxes to unlock these blades in the app. There's also a multiplayer mode, and a tournament mode, where we can earn more beypoints and coins to purchase some itens in game.

In the multiplayer mode, you can battle your friends online by hosting a battle and waiting for an opponent, or searching for an open battle. Looks really fun! In tournament mode you have a weekly challenge to get some mad points and coins, as well as you have smaller challenges to get some points and coins, not as much as the huge weekly one.

What makes me wonder if they intend to make some kind of special tournaments where you can get a chance to win a rare Beyblade, as Takara Tomy does with αmaterios and βaldur. Razz

Anyway it's a pretty fun app/game, obviously not to play for many hours, it's just a casual thing. I took a screenshot from the splash screen of the updated version, I think it's a good wallpaper (LOL) you can get the shot in this link.

I also just saw on WBO thread a post by Barreto with the new launcher they updated in the app. Looks like this will be the official Hasbro Launcher and looks like it's a hybrid between the proto launcher and the BeyLogger from Takara Tomy.

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