MFB Rotation Deck Format

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MFB Rotation Deck Format

Post by BeyGarland on Tue Aug 23, 2016 10:34 pm


As you all know, the deck format is pretty fun to play with and demands a lot of strategy to create a very balanced and cool Beyblade set to face your opponents! Well, why not having tis format into the MFB System?

For this format you have to chose between the limited or the free format.

Limited format doesn't allow any 4D or Synchromes in it, therefore, only Beyblades from PHW Series, Metal Fusion, and Metal Masters are allowed.

The Free format allows every Beyblades except for Synchromes.

And the rules are pretty simple:

First Blader to reach 3 points wins.

- Outspin: 1 point
- Stadium Miss/Contactless KO: 1 point
- Knock Out: 1 points

- Each Blader comes to the stadium with 1 to 3 completed Beyblades hiden in a box or a case, referred to collectively as a "deck". There can be no repeated parts within a deck. This deck is kept hidden from the opposing Blader.

- Both Bladers attach their first Beyblade in secret; the match begins as normal.

- When a Blader loses a round, they have the option to switch their Beyblade for another Beyblade in their deck. However, switching is not mandatory.

Here's the source of the idea, thanks to BeyBrad:
And also thanks to Ingulit, from WBO for the idea:

It's basicaly the same for the Burst System. Razz
So, if you guys have any suggestion or comment about the formats, please post here, and we'll be pleased to discuss a bit about our ideas with you! Very Happy

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